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Track Test: Nitto NT05 Review

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Nitto NT05:

This review was done in the Dallas, TX and surrounding area in the month of July and August weather, 2009 – temp ranges in 90’s to 102 primarily:

From the very beginning, I mean moments after mounting the NT05’s on my 2004 Nissan 350Z I instantly became excited. (Normally I’m NOT raving over trying new tires, as I have had many many many different tires on my 350z, being an avid drifter and local autocross entrant.) Reason being, my 350z is equipped with a full two-way clutch locking differential and simply backing out of my garage after installation and turning out of my driveway I heard my rear differential clunk and pop a lot louder and more pronounced than ever.

Nitto NT05

Nitto NT05

Definitely much more versus diff lock and tire slip and squeal. That alone was a clear sign that these tires were very sticky and is what got me excited to run these tires.

I had a great amount of time daily driving them in dry weather, so for the remaining section of the review (until noted) will be dry contact driving over multiple outings.

The NT05’s stick greatly, point the car in the direction your aiming and holding true is very confidence inspiring with these tires. I would honestly have to say a notch above some of the best tires I have tried. Grip is definitely noticeable and in general the NT05’s give you a great overall sense of “hugging” the street.

I then went to a remote road section and was able do switch backs and overly aggressive grip U-turns in order to see if I could feel or loose the NT05’s and was able to do so, but only on wildly aggressive maneuvers so in my book they preformed amazing. The sidewalls held great and I can’t say these tires are a hard sidewall but they are definitely not soft. I did specifically try to rim check with these tires going over horrible protruding railroad crossings and I was never able to hit wheel so the sidewalls held up great. Comfort level was great and never any harsh shock or jerk to prove otherwise.

Highway driving is smooth, quiet and effortless, there is no “humm” or “burr burr burr” sound while cruising. Lane changes over uneven road/highway surfaces were smooth and clean, no sudden jerks or stiff sidewalls pulling one way or the other. There were no loud sounds or noticeable unwanted steering wheel pull/vibrations. I was able to drive on both asphalt and concrete sectional highway surfaces when testing the NT05’s.

I was able to track (Autocross) the NTO5’s and was happy with them and never once lost confidence on where I was pointing or where I wanted to go………grip was evident through out the entire event on the front mounted NT05’s.

For the rear im certain my two way differential had a lot of influence on the following but I was able to feel “give” but very controllable and smooth. There was no instant loss of traction or fishtail action at all. The NT05’s were very predictable and confidence inspiring and I was able to progressively improve my times as the event continued which is a clear sign of conform ability and adaptability for me being someone who has run many good tires before. I quickly knew how they handled and was overall extremely happy with their autocross performance for a street tire. They were definitely very very comparable to a running a full no thread R-compound tire.


My wet weather assessment consist of about 25 percent of the time over dry daily driving:

I did get to briefly test the NT05’s in wet weather daily driving. They did defiantly perform well. I will admit they are amazing in dry conditions, yet they are nearly as awesome in wet. I use the word “nearly” purposely to ensure everyone knows that they are a better dry tire. I was able to maintain grip in mild speed u-turns, faster main road exits and off ramps. It took aggressive driving for them to loose grip.

I find that more than acceptable since that type of driving shouldn’t be done and was honestly asking for trouble. However, I figured for me I want to know the limits and aimed to push them regardless. Overall I drive responsibly in wet and have no problem or worry daily driving NT05’s in wet condition weather after my assessment of them in those conditions.


Yes I did get a chance to take the car out to a safe open spot and drift.
This was the last thing I wanted to do, not knowing weather or not the tires would chunk and get destroyed.

The rear NT05’s have way too much grip that it did take a lot for me to initiate drift. The front NT05’s were amazing………… more time…Amazing! I was able to control drift, counter steer and once again stay confident in where I was pointed and wanted to go. I loved the NTO5’s for this greatly!

The tires wore evenly and no horrible damage was done to the tread that would keep me from driving home. Unless of course I stayed drifting on them till they needed replacement.

In the end I’m overall really excited about driving the NT05’s and plan on getting more for my Z and my wife’s Saturn Sky. I must say it once again “The NT05’s are full of grip and very confidence inspiring.” Try them out if you get a chance I would find it hard for anyone to be disappointed with them.


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After a short search I found what I was looking for. I was looking for a Caribbean Blue G35. But not just ANY Caribbean Blue G35, a specific one, one with a reputation, and one with a one of a kind style. Yes, many of you probably know him who are in the G scene, Alex aka DieselX, Owner of and guy with a good sense of taste when it comes to choosing what mods to do to his ride. I don’t have all the details at the moment regarding all the specs of wheels, and other modifications, but I WILL come back with them.

Ok enough talkin’, on with the pics! Now, tell me that isn’t just the sweetest Caribbean Blue G35 Sedan out there. If you know of another, do please e-mail me with pics! Ok back to the pics! Let’s go!

I believe I’ve made my point. :)

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Dal35′s Widebody TT G35

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This G35, has a twin turbo VQ35 and airbags, carbon fiber rims, suede custom interior and much more. Peep the wire tuck on that engine bay! I am pretty sure he won Best of Show at the annual Stillen show over in cali this May 2010. He deserves it! That is truely one of the best G35′s rockin’ a VQ35 in the game right now. RRYDE (Randy aka caskyline) did the build, to absolute perfection! Marcus Cooke Photography handled this shoot with the utmost quality and taste in choice of angles. This is what it looks like when you have people that know how to mod and also photograph, come together. You get something GREAT! VQ35 FTMFW!


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VQ35DE Top Secret Skyline (BNR 32)

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I just came across this today while searching the net, and knew my fellow VQ35 enthusiasts would love to have a look at it. It’s a VQ35DE transplanted into a R32 Skyline. With all the trimings straight from the best of the JDM big dawgs! TOP SECRET!

Top Secret has stepped forward with a R32 fitted with a V35 Skyline engine. In fact, this chassis model is a GT-R modified into a drift vehicle. The front driveshaft has been eliminated to transform this vehicle into a FR setup. There has been rumors that the suspension had been tuned for drifting also.
The reason why they chose the VQ engine was “Since now is the height of the VQ engine, it’s our chance to further develop it.” Another important factor was that the rather than to choose the Z33 or V35, the R32 was a familiar platform. This way, they can fully put efforts into modifying the engine.
The latest VQ35DE is a 3.5 liter V6 that naturally aspirates 294 horses. Most often, cars that come out of Top Secret are turbocharged; but in this case an NA build up was carried out.

The engine received a ported head, modified combustion chamber, Nismo camshafts, and a 6 individual throttle body (ITB) setup. The ITBs were named GT Throttle to be released on the market in the near future.
The vehicle was rated at 354 horses. Most of the parts such as the engine cross member were used to transplant the motor were custom made, and is also expected to be released for sale sometime soon.

A 3.5 liter V6 may sound like it’s a relatively large sized engine, but in reality, it is 30 cm shorter than the RB26. The VQ engine was 150 kg (330lbs) lighter and was a setup that gave the RB26 a run for its money in regards to handling and response. Air conditioning and a full car stereo system were cleanly installed.
The car has been featured in Option and Option2 magazines many times before, but this is the very first time actually running the machine. We asked Yoichi Imamura to test drive the vehicle since this was a company car owned by Top Secret.

Simply a super sweet modded up VQ35! Imagine what type of power this setup could put down if it was FI’d! Big power!

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