Some of you may know him as z350boy, but just about everyone knows him as “Pops” from OTSZ (Official TSZ). This man has done up his VQ35 powered Nissan 350Z to the fullest extent. I don’t have all the details on the car right now, but I do know he recently had VTR (Vinny Ten Racing) build up a nice engine for him. Complete with all the power to kill those “XZOTIKS” out there, who think that because they spent 200,000 on a car, that their shit don’t stink, and can walk over everyone on the roads! Well let me tell you, Pop’s VQ35 is not the one to mess with.

With Amuse suspension that tightens and lowers as the speed increases while he’s pushin’ it to the limit, this car handles like butter baby. You can actually see it lower slightly when he starts getting on it. Gotta love it man! I know we do pula pula inflavel!

Now everyone is a fan of a built motor, well this VQ35 was not always built. He was running a JWT TT on a stock block with some tune and ripping challengers apart. This VQ35 is putting out around 500hp to the wheels and is roaming the streets of NY, ready to show and proove to the big boys, the exotics. You gotta love the look on their faces when the VQ35 shits on their 200,000 ride.


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