VQ35DE Top Secret Skyline (BNR 32)

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I just came across this today while searching the net, and knew my fellow VQ35 enthusiasts would love to have a look at it. It’s a VQ35DE transplanted into a R32 Skyline. With all the trimings straight from the best of the JDM big dawgs! TOP SECRET!

Top Secret has stepped forward with a R32 fitted with a V35 Skyline engine. In fact, this chassis model is a GT-R modified into a drift vehicle. The front driveshaft has been eliminated to transform this vehicle into a FR setup. There has been rumors that the suspension had been tuned for drifting also.
The reason why they chose the VQ engine was “Since now is the height of the VQ engine, it’s our chance to further develop it.” Another important factor was that the rather than to choose the Z33 or V35, the R32 was a familiar platform. This way, they can fully put efforts into modifying the engine.
The latest VQ35DE is a 3.5 liter V6 that naturally aspirates 294 horses. Most often, cars that come out of Top Secret are turbocharged; but in this case an NA build up was carried out.

The engine received a ported head, modified combustion chamber, Nismo camshafts, and a 6 individual throttle body (ITB) setup. The ITBs were named GT Throttle to be released on the market in the near future.
The vehicle was rated at 354 horses. Most of the parts such as the engine cross member were used to transplant the motor were custom made, and is also expected to be released for sale sometime soon.

A 3.5 liter V6 may sound like it’s a relatively large sized engine, but in reality, it is 30 cm shorter than the RB26. The VQ engine was 150 kg (330lbs) lighter and was a setup that gave the RB26 a run for its money in regards to handling and response. Air conditioning and a full car stereo system were cleanly installed.
The car has been featured in Option and Option2 magazines many times before, but this is the very first time actually running the machine. We asked Yoichi Imamura to test drive the vehicle since this was a company car owned by Top Secret.

Simply a super sweet modded up VQ35! Imagine what type of power this setup could put down if it was FI’d! Big power!

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