Track Test: Nitto NT05 Review

On June 16, 2021, in Articles, by O HELLA OEM

From the very beginning, I mean moments after mounting the NT05’s on my 2004 Nissan 350Z I instantly became excited. (Normally I’m NOT raving over trying new tires, as I have had many many many different tires on my 350z, being an avid drifter and local autocross entrant.) Reason being, my 350z is equipped with a full two-way clutch locking differential and simply backing out of my garage after installation and turning out of my driveway I heard my rear differential clunk and pop a lot louder and more pronounced than ever.

Nitto NT05

Nitto NT05

Definitely much more versus diff lock and tire slip and squeal. That alone was a clear sign that these tires were very sticky and is what got me excited to run these tires.

I had a great amount of time daily driving them in dry weather, so for the remaining section of the review (until noted) hüpfburg will be dry contact driving over multiple outings.

The NT05’s stick greatly, point the car in the direction your aiming and holding true is very confidence inspiring with these tires. I would honestly have to say a notch above some of the best tires I have tried. Grip is definitely noticeable and in general the NT05’s give you a great overall sense of “hugging” the street.

I then went to a remote road section and was able do switch backs and overly aggressive grip U-turns in order to see if I could feel or loose the NT05’s and was able to do so, but only on wildly aggressive maneuvers so in my book they preformed amazing. The sidewalls held great and I can’t say these tires are a hard sidewall but they are definitely not soft. I did specifically try to rim check with these tires going over horrible protruding railroad crossings and I was never able to hit wheel so the sidewalls held up great. Comfort level was great and never any harsh shock or jerk to prove otherwise.


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